Tourism Flows

Estimates by Institute of Tourism show that in 2012 year there were:

  • 67.4 million arrivals (by 11% more than in the 2011).
  • of which: tourist arrivals – about 14.8 mill (also +11%).

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Characteristics of inbound tourism

Generally, there are three main motivations for travelling: holidays, leisure, business, visiting friends and relatives.
Besides, Polish inbound tourism has some special characteristics: relatively large amount of shopping and transit tourism. The size of these segments is generated mainly by tourists from behind eastern border (Belarus, Ukraine and Russia) is steadily diminishing. The transit traffic through Poland is still very important as well.
» Latest results from 2011 and previous surveys.

Foreign Expenditures in Poland

In 2011 year total receipts from international visits went up to 10.5 billion USD,
of which 5.7 billion came from tourists and the rest – from same-day visitors.
The average expenditures of tourists in 2011 amounted to some USD 398 per capita. Daily expenditure per capita averaged at USD 79. One-day trippers have spent USD nearly 120 per capita.
» Results from 2011 and previous years

Outbound Tourism

Results from 2011 year say that the number of tourist trips (at least one night) abroad substantially decreased: to 6.3 million (including 0.8 mln trips of children up to 14 years).
In 2010 the number of all trips (one-day and tourist) abroad reached 43 million (by 9% more than in 2009). The number of tourist trips also went up to 7.1 mill (including 0.5 mln trips of children).
Among most visited countries are: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Czech Republic and Spain.
» Results 2005-2010.

Typical tourist purposes usually account for a half of Polish foreign departures. Stays with families and friends keep the level around 25%, while the share of business trips: 20%.
In 2009 and 2010 slightly more than 20% of Poles travelling abroad have used travel office for purchasing packaged services. In previous years it was less than 20%. The differences from year to year are not great, however the upward trend can be seen. » Results 2005-2010.

Domestic Tourism

During three quarters of 2011 year Polish residents took part in w 24.1 million domestic tourist trips, by 10% less compared to the same period of 2010. Number of long trips fell down by 12%, and short trips (2-4 days) by 8%.
In the entire 2010 year there were in total 33.9 mln domestic tourist trips (by 10% more than in 2009).
» Three quarters of 2008-2011
» Tourist trips by month, 2002-2011.

Guests in accommodation

During four quarters of 2012, according to data published by GUS (Central Statistical Office), in collective tourist establishments:

  • there were 4940 thousand non-resident guests (by 12% more than in 2011);
  • and they spent 11753 thousand nights (growth by 10.7%).

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European countries with the largest increase in the number of guests in Polish accommodation in 2012 include: Ireland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Greece, Latvia, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey. Among non-European countries that grew the most are: Brasil, India, USA and Australia.
Only a few countries recorded a decrease. They are: Hong Kong, Belgium, Finland and Spain.

In 2011 year there were in total 17067 thousand guests, and they have spent 46528 thous. nights.

  • Number of resident guests rose by 4.5% and nights – by 1.7%.
  • Number of foreigners amounted to 4410 thousand and grew by 6,6% (comp. to 2010 y.) or barely by 0.5%, compared to pre-crisis 2007 year.
  • Foreigners' nights went up by 5.5% (which is still by 2.7% less than in 2007).

Trends and Forecasts

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